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Overview of the Socialive Recordings Library

The Socialive Recordings Library is a secure, cloud-based storage space for video recordings created in Socialive. After a session or livestream, Socialive automatically uploads recordings from both desktop and mobile. The library offers unlimited storage and recording with no file size limits.


The Library stores all your video recordings for you to review, refine, and reuse later. These recordings include content created in sessions, the Recording Booth, or uploaded directly to Socialive from a desktop or mobile device.

  1. Session Library - Includes content created in a session, uploaded from a mobile device, or edited in the Editor.

  2. Recording Booth - Content created in the Recording Booth can be accessed in the Recording Booth tab. 

  3. Search filters - The Sessions and Recording Booth tabs include search options based on the space in which the content was created, the user who created the content, or the title. 

    1. Session recordings can be searched by Space, User, or Title.

    2. Recording Booth content can be searched by Space and User. 

Session Library 

Once you click on a recording from the recordings page, the latest recording can be viewed in the hero. There is also a tab for associated recordings, which may include ISOs and any created clips within the recordings area. ISO is an abbreviation for "ISOlated," which allows you to record each camera's source or input source independently of other feeds and final output in a live video. Here, the title of the recording can be updated, and a description can be added. 

The following options are available in the lower-right corner of the latest recording for session recordings. 

  • Send to Editor 

    • Edit video, which will send the recording to the Editor for edits. 

    • Edit video with Space presets will open the video with a Preset in the Editor using the Space preset. If no preset exists in Space, this option will not appear. 

    • Continue editing composition, will open the video in Editor, picking up where the last editing session left off. 

  • Send it to Session, which will send the recording to the studio to include it in a session. 

  • Share video, which can be sent to third-party platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Wistia.

  • Download provides video download options in different formats, including mp4, mp3, and caption files. 

  • Clip allows you to create a downloadable clip for your video at the right length within the Recordings Library. These clips are then saved to the clips area of the recording. This is useful when you need to simply clip the tips and tails, without needing to add branding.

  • The last option is delete, which allows the recording to be deleted. Deleting here will also delete any associated ISOs or clips that may be attached to the main recording. 

Recording Booth 

Any content recording within the Recording Booth can be opened in the Recording Booth tab. 

  1. These recordings can be deleted from the library by clicking the delete icon.

  2. They can also be sent to the Editor by clicking the edit icon or thumbnail. Sometimes, the option to Edit a video with space presets will be available. Open with a Preset opens the video in the Editor using the Space preset. If no preset exists in Space, this option will not appear. 

  3. Once the content has been sent to the Editor and edited, the new version of the video will be saved to the session library. From there, the same actions can be completed as covered in the previous module since the recording will now be in the Session library. 

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