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Download, export, and use transcript or caption files for your recordings and clips

After you have completed recording or broadcast sessions in the Socialive Studio, you can do the following things with your recordings:

Download, export your recordings and clips to effortlessly import them into video-editing software, incorporate the audio into podcasts, add audio-only to other visual slides, and export transcript/caption files for your recordings. 


What's the difference between the "raw" video vs. the exported "MP4" video file?

You can instantly download the raw Variable Frame Rate (VFR) video or choose to export it to MP4 for a Constant Frame Rate (CFR) video.

While most video player apps and programs (like VLC or Quicktime) can play variable frame rate video without issue, most video editing applications are designed for constant frame rate video. With VFR footage, the audio and video can drift out of sync during the editing process, presenting obstacles in post-production.


What is MP3?

MP3 is a compressed audio file format commonly used to store audio tracks, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. Exporting the MP3 file of your recordings and clips strips the video portion of the recording and gives you only the audio part. You can use this audio in a podcast or edit the audio into other visual slides, giving you more creative control over your productions.

What does it mean to export captions?

Transcripts and Captions allow you to streamline the process of repurposing and reviewing content, adhere to accessibility regulations/expectations, and ensure your video content is available to a larger audience. 

You can generate transcription and caption files for composite vides, ISOs, and clips. This feature won’t entail live captioning during a broadcast or imprint any captions on video files; it is a feature that provides the necessary files. 

What are Transcriptions?

Transcription refers to the process by which audio is converted into written text and made available as a document. It may or may not include time codes.

In Socialive, this will be made available in (.txt) format and will include time codes. The producer’s audio will also be included as it is often helpful to have their questions/guidance on the transcription as well. 

What is a Captions File?

Captioning is similar to transcription, but captions always include time codes and adhere to standard file formats for use in video players.A captions file is a plain-text file containing the text of what is said in the video, along with time codes for each line of text. 

In Socialive, caption files will be made available in (.srt) or (.vtt) format. Most popular video platforms support captioning by uploading one or more captions files to a particular video.


Start Exporting Your Recordings and Clips

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