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How to Clip a Video Using Editor

The Editor is the interface where Admins, Broadcasters, and Creators can edit recorded content from the Studio or the Recording Booth. There are two ways to clip recorded content in the Editor, and both methods work in parallel. 

This article will provide steps to clip video in the Editor using text-based editing or the timeline clip functionality.

Text-based editing

Using the left panel, text-based editing can be accessed by opening the Text editor. Text editing allows video editing using the video transcript. After processing, the transcript is loaded to the text editing area - allowing for quick review and editing. 

  1. In Editor, in the left panel area, click Text Editor. 

  1. Once processed, the video transcript will be displayed in this area. 

  1. Above the transcript, you can select the view mode for pauses. By default, pauses between words and sentences are not shown proportionally - all spaces look identical, as you would expect when reading the text. When enabled, pauses are shown proportionally - longer ones will create visually longer gaps between the words. This allows quick location and editing of unnecessary pauses. 

  1. To skip over any portion of the video, highlight the transcript area to clip and click cut. You can create as many skipped regions as needed. Review Editor Keyboard Shortcuts to learn how keyboard shortcuts can complete these tasks. 

  1. Click the Restore button to restore clipped content. Review Editor Keyboard Shortcuts to learn how keyboard shortcuts can complete these tasks.

Timeline clipping 

Clip video content using the timeline and jump to specific areas of the video for playback. Timelines only show for video content; they will not display for any scenes that only include an image. Note that any editing done with the timeline will be automatically reflected in the text-based editing in the abovementioned left panel. 

The waveform and the word ribbon support clipping precision using the audio. These elements may take time to load. The preview line can also be used to view portions of the clip.

Remove - Skip over a portion of the timeline. 

  1. To remove a portion of the timeline, clip, or split content, highlight the area you want to be skipped and click remove. 

Note that the content is not removed from the timeline indefinitely; it’s only removed from the video output. You can restore by selecting the undo button. 

Split—Cut the timeline into several parts. This can be useful for creating multiple video clips from one piece of recorded content. 

  1. Move the header to the area that will be split, then click Split. 

Create clip - Drag and drop the handles to set your clip's start and end times exactly where you want them. Clips will be automatically saved and can be updated at any time. 

Playback will automatically skip the regions outside the clip, but the content outside is not lost. 

  1. To create a clip, first split the content. 

  1. Then, drag and drop the handles to set the start and end times of the clip. 

Heal - Connect two clips that have been split or if a piece in between was removed. 

  1. Using Ctrl+ 6, select timeline areas that have been clipped or split, then click Heal. Review Editor Keyboard Shortcuts to learn how keyboard shortcuts can complete these tasks. 

  1. The two clips or split will connect. 

Zoom - Zoom in or out of your timeline for precise editing 

Seeking - Jumps to the very beginning or end of the video. 

Anchoring - Jumps to the beginning/end of the clip region.

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