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Integrations: Connecting Your Brightcove Account

This article provides instructions to connect your Brightcove account to Socialive. Integrating Brightcove with Socialive allows you to send recordings directly from Socialive to Brightcove.


To connect Brightcove to Socialive, you need to:

  • Have a Brightcove account (must be a Professional or Enterprise account)
  • Be an Administrator in your Socialive account


  1. In Socialive, click your initials to open the Settings menu.
  2. In the Settings menu, click Integrations.
  3. On the Integrations page, click Add Integration.
  4. Click Brightcove.
  5. Give the integration a name (or use the default one) and click Save. Giving each integration a specific title may be useful when creating integrations of the same type for different departments. For example “Send to Marketing Brightcove” versus the default “Send to Brightcove.”

  6. Enter your Brightcove Account ID. For instructions to find this, refer to this Brightcove support article.
  7. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret:
    1. In Brightcove, create a new Client Registration by following the steps in the Brightcove support article on Managing API Authentication Credentials. In step 6 of the process, when selecting the “Exposed Brightcove APIs”, it is only necessary to select the permission to Create under Dynamic Ingest.
    2. Copy and paste your Client ID and Client Secret values into the Socialive Send to Brightcove configuration screen.
  8. Once you’ve entered all the required values, click Next.
  9. Select if you’d like to have captions auto-generated by Brightcove.
    • You must have auto-captions enabled on your Brightcove account to use this feature.
    • Enabling this feature may incur additional charges from Brightcove for each upload.
    • If you do not have this feature enabled and you check the option, it will result in an error when uploading your videos from Socialive to Brightcove.
  10. Click Finish to complete the setup. Now you can send Socialive recordings to your Brightcove account.

Sending Recordings to Brightcove

Follow the steps in the article to send recordings to Brightcove. When you send recordings to Brightcove:

  • No more than 20 concurrent calls to the API are allowed per account to ensure the performance of the Video Cloud system. (i.e., no more than 20 concurrent recordings can be sent per account.)
  • You will receive email notifications when the upload is complete. The email will provide a link to the video in Brightcove.
  • The transfer times may vary depending on the file size, but most files will be uploaded within 15 minutes.
  • Additional time may be required for the video to process in Brightcove.
  • If you have enabled auto-captions, the confirmation email will not be sent until the video has completed processing in Brightcove and the request for caption generation has been initiated.

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