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Livestreaming to Brightcove

Socialive has partnered with Brightcove to provide a simple integration between the two platforms, making it easier for you to stream from Socialive to Brightcove. There are two ways to stream into Brightcove from Socialive, by connecting your account via the API or RTMP. This article will go over the steps to:


To stream to your Brightcove account, you need to:

  • Have your Brightcove API Key. Contact your Brightcove Account Manager to get your API Key.
  • Be a Socialive administrator in your Socialive account


Connecting Your Brightcove Account in Socialive

  1. In Socialive, on the left-side panel, under the Livestream tab, click the Brightcove logo.
  2. In the pop-up that appears, click Add Account.
  3. Some fields will appear on the right side, enter the following information:
    1. Label - This label will be applied as a tag to your media asset in Brightcove. You can create multiple Brightcove "channels" using the same credentials, each with a unique label/tag. This gives you a way to select which Brightcove "channel" you want to use. You can also set up smart playlists and galleries to automatically publish these live videos.
    2. Publisher ID - Enter your API Key in this field.
    3. API Key - Enter your API Key in this field. 
    4. Credential Label - Enter your API Key in this field.
    5. Public Key - Enter your API Key in this field.
    6. Private Key - Enter your API Key in this field.
  4. Click Save. You can now broadcast to Brightcove.

Connecting Your Brightcove Account via RTMP

Alternatively, you can also connect your Brightcove account to Socialive by creating a live event and using the RTMP URL and Stream Key.

  1. Follow the steps in Brightcove's help article on how to Create and Manage a Live Event. Make sure that you do the following:

    • In Step 4, set the Region to Virginia.

    • In Step 6, copy the RTMP URL and Stream Name.

  2. In Socialive Studio, follow the steps to add an RTMP connection. Your Brightcove account will appear under the RTMP channels and you can now stream to it.

Livestreaming to Brightcove

Once connected, admins within your Socialive account can livestream to Brightcove at any time without any manual setup or configuration in Brightcove ahead of time. Alternatively, you can livestream to a pre-configured live event in Brightcove by adding an RTMP connection. 

When you stream to Brightcove, a new live media asset will appear in your library with the Title, Description, and Tag (label) entered in Socialive.

Still, looking for an answer?

Contact Socialive Support via live chat, email at support@socialive.us, or submit a support ticket.

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