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Accessing Socialive Studio from Qumu

The Qumu - Socialive integration enables users to create and deliver customized branded video experiences from their browser or mobile app with enterprise-grade performance. It provides reliability across the most complex environments with the highest security and controls. This integration allows users to create an event within Qumu and select Socialive as the encoder. After establishing the event, users can open Socialive Studio from within Qumu, which is already preset and ready to stream to that event. The prerequisite is that users must have both a Qumu and a Socialive account. This article reviews the following

With the Socialive + Qumu integration, users can:

  • Launch Socialive Studio directly from Qumu 

  • Create your event in Qumu but get all the benefits of producing an event in Socialive:

    • Record from anywhere

    • Remote (mobile) guests

    • Access to the Green Room

    • Overlays and Name Tags

    • Mix live and on-demand video

However, with this integration, the platform will not:

  • Capture ISO recordings

  • Simulcast to other platforms (YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.)


Integration Setup

To set up this integration, users need to contact their Qumu representative. After you let your Qumu representative know:

  1. Qumu reaches out to Socialive Support and provides the customer’s Qumu Account/Organization ID that needs the integration setup.

  2. The Socialive Support and Engineering teams work to set up the integration.

  3. Socialive Support notifies the Qumu representative when the integration setup is complete.

Once the integration is set up, users can access Socialive Studio from within Qumu.

Creating an Event in Qumu

  1. In Qumu Cloud, click Create Presentation to create your event.

  2. Select Socialive as the Workflow

  3. Enter the event’s Info & Settings details.

  4. Click Create Event.

  5. On the next screen, click Manage Socialive Presentation to open Socialive Studio to start creating scenes, inviting guests, adding media assets, overlays, etc.

Accessing Socialive from Qumu

You can also access Socialive from the Presentations page in Qumu to manage and launch the event.

  1. In Qumu, from the list of presentations, click the drop-down located next to the Created Date column.

  2. Click Manage Socialive. Socialive Studio will open in a new window. It will already be set up to stream into that specific event in Qumu.

Still, looking for an answer?

Contact Socialive Support via live chat email at support@socialive.us, or submit a support ticket.

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