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Capturing Device Recordings in the Desktop Green Room

While Socialive automatically records all guest feeds in the cloud, guests can record their video feed and save it on their computer's hard drive. Device recordings produce high-quality videos regardless of the guest's network conditions since they are not subject to bandwidth limitations that can affect resolution, bit rate, and overall video quality. Guests can capture multiple device recordings per session in the Green Room.


This article provides steps to capture device recordings and download them from within the Green Room.


Creating Device Recordings

  1. In the Green Room, click Record Me to start a recording of your video feed. A notification will appear at the top-right, showing its recording resolution. Producers can also start local desktop recordings for each guest.

  2. Click Stop to stop the recording. A notification will appear at the top-right corner, confirming the recording was captured. At the same time, a badge will appear next to the Record button, displaying the number of recordings you have captured that are pending to be uploaded. Producers can also stop local desktop recordings for each guest.

  3. Click the drop-down next to the Record Me button and then click My Recordings. A pop-up will appear, showing you the recordings you've captured. From here you can playback the video and start uploading them to the cloud. If the session is still in progress, it is recommended to wait until the end to upload them, as it may affect your stream quality.

    • When you close the Green Room tab (by clicking the X), the recordings will not be automatically uploaded. The recordings will remain in the Green Room session unless:

      • You upload the recordings the next time you enter the same Green Room session.

      • You clear your browser cache and data. The recordings will be deleted from your browser and will not be retrievable.

      • The session is closed by the producer. You will no longer be able to access the Green Room for that session. Therefore, you can no longer access the device recordings you captured.

    • When you join a session that still has device recordings captured to upload, you will see a badge with the number of recordings pending to be uploaded. You can choose to upload them at that moment or when you leave the Green Room.

    • When you click Upload, the file will start uploading.

  4. When you click the red button to leave the Green Room. A pop-up will appear to confirm the action to leave the Green Room.

  5. On the next screen, the recording(s) will start uploading. Wait for the upload to complete.

  6. The recordings are uploaded and now you can close the window.

Keep in Mind

  • You can start and stop recording at any time.

  • You'll need to stop your recording before changing your audio or video source.

  • Device recording is not available when using incognito mode.

  • When your computer has run out of space, the recording will automatically stop. You will receive a notification when your computer is running out of space.

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