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The Green Room Experience

The Green Room is the backstage area where guests and producers can manage, communicate, and coordinate before, during, and after a session. This article explores how you can join a Socialive session as a guest, either from your computer or your mobile device, and what happens in the Green Room in the different stages.

Joining a Session

If it is your first time joining a session in Socialive, follow the instructions in the following article:

Before a Session Starts

When you first join the Green Room, and the session has not started, you will see a green banner at the top that reads "Welcome to the Green Room." You can see other guests and a series of buttons at the bottom of the screen. Refer to the support article on Navigating the Green Room to learn more about each feature.

At any point, you can:

  • Rearrange the guest gallery view by dragging and dropping the video tiles in the order you prefer.

  • Pin and unpin other participants' video feeds or screen shares

  • Mute or unmute other participants

  • Change your camera (and output resolution) and audio input/output device. (Not recommended to switch between devices while you are live.)

  • Capture local recordings of your video feed to download to your computer

  • Update your virtual background (Not recommended to switch between devices while you are live.)

You are Backstage

When the session is live and you are backstage, you will notice that the green banner turned orange, and now it reads "You are Backstage." Your video feed is darkened, you are muted to guests that are currently live, and the audience cannot see or hear you.

You are Live

When you are live, the status bar will turn red and read "You are Live," the border surrounding your video feed will turn red, and you will see a red "live now" badge on the corner of your video feed. When you are live, the audience can hear and see you and hear other live guests, guest directors, and the producer.


It is best practice to use headphones or earbuds or adjust the speakers' volume on the computer to 50% to avoid any potential echo or feedback from other guests and the producer.

End of a Session

When the session ends, all participants are unmuted for each other again. Guests should wait for cues from the producer on the next steps.

  • If you are capturing (or have captured) local recording(s), the producer should notify you at this point to stop recording. Once you select "Leave Now" (red hangup button), your recordings will automatically upload to the Socialive recordings library for easy producer access. 

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Issues with Quality and Consistency

If you are experiencing issues with the quality and consistency, it could be due to your network.

  • Check your internet signal and assess if you need to move to a different area or switch to a different network.

  • Corporate firewalls can inhibit your ability to join the video and see or hear other participants. For this, ensure all URLs and ports are allowed.

No Device Detected/Can't See Your Camera

  • The settings to allow permissions for your camera or microphone will pop up on the launch screen in your computer browser or upon accessing the camera on your mobile device.

  • In the URL bar in Google Chrome, there will be a camera icon that will give you the ability to turn on permissions to use your camera and microphone.

  • If Google Chrome blocks your camera, follow the instructions to allow/unblock your camera device.

  • If another application uses your camera or microphone (e.g., Google Meet, WebEx, Zoom, etc.), exit from the program and refresh your Socialive window to ensure devices are not being overridden.

Hearing an Echo While Live on Screen

  • Ensure your audio slider under the monitor is to the left (no audio).

Still looking for an answer?

Contact Socialive Support via live chat, email at support@socialive.us, or submit a support ticket.

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