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Creating a Recording Booth Link for Contributors

Contributors can create a Recording Booth session by logging into Socialive or they can access the Recording Booth with a personalized link shared with them by a Creator, Broadcaster, Producer, or Admin. 


1. In Socialive Portal, click the Create dropdown and select Recording Booth Invite.

2. Select the Space the recording will be saved to and add the email for the Contributor the link will be assigned to then click Copy. If the user exists in Socialive as a Contributor, select their name from the dropdown. 

Leave the user field blank when creating a generic link. Generic links can be used at any time by any Contributor and require Socialive login. 

3. Once copied the link can be shared with contributors who need direct access to a Recording Booth. When selecting a user, this link allows contributors to launch the Recording Booth and start recording video content, without a manual login. 

  • If the user invited exists in your account as a Guest you will need to change their account to Contributor for the link to work as intended. 
  • Only the contributor role can receive personalized Recording Booth links. Admins, Broadcasters, Producers, and Creators will be required to manually log in to use the Recording Booth. 
  • If the user field is left blank a generic link is created. Generic links can be used at any time by any Contributor and require Socialive login. 

Review Creating Content in the Recording Booth to learn more about the Recording Booth. 

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