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Creating Content in the Recording Booth

The Recording Booth simplifies the content creation process, by providing Contributors the flexibility of capturing self-guided high-quality recordings at any time. This eliminates the need to schedule a specific time and place to record content and allows the contributor to record as many takes as needed. Recording Booth provides options for recording the Contributor, their screen, or both simultaneously. This support article includes the following topics: 

Joining the Recording Booth

Contributors can create a Recording Booth session by logging into Socialive or they can access the Recording Booth with a personalized link shared with them by a Producer. Review Creating a Recording Booth Link for Contributors to learn more about personalized links.

Creating a Recording Booth Session 

1. In Socialive Portal, click the Create dropdown and select Recording Booth.

2. Select the Channel the recording will be saved to and click Done. This will then open the Recording Booth. 

Process for Capturing Content

1. Upon entering the Recording booth for the first time, ensure that access to both a camera and microphone is granted.

2. To allow screen share recordings, click Share screen and select the item to include in the recording. 

3. To mute audio, click on the microphone icon

4. The Record options allow the Contributor to decide if they will be sharing camera only, screen only, or camera and screen. To start a recording, click Record.

5. Once a recording has started, a notification will appear in the upper right corner confirming the recording quality. 

6. To stop the recording, click Stop Recording. Note, the notification signifies the number of separate recordings captured. 

Once a recording has been captured, a confirmation will appear in the upper right-hand corner confirming that the recording will automatically upload to the Recordings Library upon leaving the Recording Booth. 

After a recording is ended, while in the Recording Booth, a recording pop-up will allow the recording to be renamed, uploaded, or deleted. Recordings are automatically uploaded when leaving the Recording Booth. Performing additional recordings while an upload is in progress may impact recording quality.

7. To view all recordings within the Recording Booth session click the Record dropdown and select My Recordings.

8. Individual recordings are listed and can be: 

  • Previewed
  • Renamed 
  • Uploaded immediately while the contributor is still in the Recording Booth
    • Note, this may affect stream quality
    • Recordings will automatically upload when leaving the Recording Booth

9. To end the Recording Booth session, click end to leave and confirm. 

10. Confirmation of the uploads completed will display once all recordings have been added to the Recordings Library. 

13. The uploaded recordings can be viewed in the Recordings Library by the contributor who created the content or an Admin within the account.

Video Settings

1. To update video settings, select the camera icon. If additional cameras are available the device will be listed.

2. Select Video Settings to update the following settings:

  • Camera used to capture content
  • Max resolution
  • Mirror video 
  • Show guides (Displays grid lines for centering or positioning)

Virtual Backgrounds

You can add a virtual background in the Recording Booth. For more information go to Virtual Backgrounds on desktop in Socialive.

Audio Settings

1. To update audio settings for both speakers and the microphone, select the microphone icon. If additional speaker and microphone options are available the device will be listed.

2.  Select Audio Settings to update the following settings:

  • Speaker 
  • Microphone
  • Echo cancellation (Recommended when not wearing headphones)
  • Noise Suppression (Removes background noise from your microphone)

  1. Record
  2. Camera settings
  3. Microphone settings
  4. Screen share
  5. Leave Recording Booth

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