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Publishing recorded content to Instagram Reels

Posting Reels regularly on Instagram is proven to boost reach and engagement - what better place to connect with your audience? Socialive Integrations allows you to publish recorded content to Instagram Reels seamlessly. This support article includes the following topics. 

  • Pre-setup
  • Integration Setup
  • Video Specifications for Reels
  • Publishing Content


The following must be set up in Instagram and Facebook for the integration with Instagram to work correctly.

  1. If it is not already, Instagram users must convert their account to a Professional account
  2. If it does not already exist, create a Facebook Page that represents the business
  3. Connect that Page to their Instagram account from Facebook, in Facebook follow these steps:
    1. Go to the Facebook page within the professional account
    2. Go to Professional Dashboard
    3. Go to Linked accounts
    4. Click connect account
    5. Allow access to the message inbox
    6. Log in to the Instagram account
    7. You’ll receive confirmation the accounts are connected 

Once the above steps are complete the following process can be followed in Socialive to publish Socialive video content to Instagram. Without proper setup, the integration will not work.

Integration Setup

1. In Portal, select Integrations from the Admin dropdown.

2. Click Add Integration.

3. Select Instagram.

4. Title the Integration and click Save.

5. Click Add a new account to include Instagram authentication information and log in to Instagram. Then, select the desired Page ID and Instagram user from the dropdowns.

6. Once saved, confirmation the integration has been added will display. 

Video Specifications for Reels

The following outlines video specifications, most importantly if the video is longer than 90 seconds it will not publish to Reels on Instagram.


File Type.mp4------
Aspect Ratio9 x 16

Resolution1080 x 1920 pixels540 x 960 pixels---
Frame Rate24 - 60 frames per second24 frames per second---
Duration---3 seconds90 seconds
Video Settings
  • Compression – H.264, H.265 (VP9, AV1 are also supported)
  • Fixed frame rate
  • Progressive scan
  • Closed GOP (2-5 seconds)
  • Chroma subsampling 4:2:0
Audio Settings
  • Channels – Stereo
  • Codec – AAC Low Complexity
  • Sample rate – 48kHz
  • Audio bitrate – 128kbs+

Publishing Content

1. In the Socialive Recordings Library, locate the clip within the recording that will be published on Instagram. 

2. Click Share Video and select the integration name.

3. Confirmation of the transfer will display, once complete an email confirmation will be sent. 

4. And, the content will be viewable on Instagram.

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