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Using Your iPhone as Your Camera or Microphone in Socialive

With Continuity Camera, you can use your iPhone as your Mac webcam or microphone, and take advantage of the powerful iPhone camera and additional video effects. You can connect wirelessly, or with a USB cable for a wired connection. 

This article provides instructions to use your iPhone camera as a webcam in the desktop Green Room and Studio.


This Continuity Camera feature works with certain devices and operating systems, using one iPhone and one Mac at a time. Check the system requirements to use Continuity Camera.


1. Mounting Your iPhone

iPhone-compatible mounts and stands are available from many manufacturers. However, if you don't have one of these special mounts or stands, you can mount it on a tripod. When mounted, make sure your iPhone is:

  • Near your Mac
  • Locked
  • Stable
  • Positioned with its rear cameras facing you and unobstructed  
  • In landscape orientation to allow apps to choose your iPhone automatically, or in portrait orientation


  • Due to privacy concerns with unintended camera selection, browser-based video applications like Socialive will only see the iPhone camera when it is in the "magic pose" of landscape, screen off, locked, motionless (not handheld), and unobstructed camera. 
  • Continuity Camera works wired or wirelessly. To keep your iPhone charged while in use, plug it into your Mac or a USB charger. Your Mac will notify you if your iPhone battery level gets low.

2. Select Your iPhone as Your Camera or Microphone

When your iPhone is properly mounted, its camera and microphone will be available to use in Socialive. 

  • Socialive Studio - Your iPhone camera feed will appear automatically, there is no need to manually select it as long as the device is in the correct position.
  • Green Room - If you enter the Green Room after the iPhone is correctly mounted, the iPhone camera will be automatically selected. However, if you are already in the Green Room, you can switch to your iPhone camera by clicking the Camera drop-down and selecting your iPhone camera.

Your iPhone mic is available to use separately in Socialive by clicking the Microphone drop-down and selecting your iPhone as the microphone device. However, you don't need to choose your iPhone mic, unless your Mac has no built-in or external mic.

3. Use Video Effects and Mic Modes

After choosing your iPhone camera, you can use Control Center to turn on Center Stage, Studio Light, Portrait mode, and Desk View. Or choose a mic mode for your iPhone mic.

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