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Troubleshooting Common Issues in the Green Room (Web)

This article provides troubleshooting steps you can perform when you encounter some common issues when entering the Green Room from a computer.


I'm using Google Chrome but I'm seeing a message to "Get Chrome" before joining.

Socialive is compatible with Chrome 111 and newer. Anything older than Chrome 111 will result in that message popping up.

Follow the instructions in the Google Chrome Help article to check and keep your Google Chrome browser version up to date. For more information, refer to the article on Socialive's Minimum Technical Specifications.

I'm getting a black screen when in the Green Room. I can't see myself or anyone else in the Green Room.

This might be due to browser permissions to use the camera and microphone. Follow the instructions in the support article to allow the use of your camera and microphone in Socialive.

I'm stuck on the screen trying to Join the Broadcast. I'm seeing a spinning wheel that won't stop spinning.

There are a few reasons why you would see this:

  • Your network connection is unstable
  • Other applications are using your camera and microphone
  • You need to clear your browser cache

Follow the instructions in the support article to troubleshoot not being able to enter the Green Room.

Suddenly, other guests cannot see or hear me in the Green Room

Guests who were able to be seen and heard at first but started to present audio or video issues may be experiencing these issues due to unstable network connection and limited computer processing (CPU) and graphics processing (GPU) conditions, which prevent them from having a smooth Green Room experience.

Follow the instructions in the support article to diagnose and troubleshoot not being seen or heard by other guests anymore.

I'm on a Mac computer and can't share my screen

If you have issues using the screen share feature on your macOS computer (Macbook, iMac, Mac Mini, etc.) it could be due to wrongly configured privacy settings on your device. 

Follow the instructions in the support article to allow screen sharing in Google Chrome.

Still, looking for an answer?

Contact Socialive Support via live chat, email at support@socialive.us, or submit a support ticket.

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