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Unable to Enter the Green Room

This article provides troubleshooting steps for guests who are having trouble joining a session and are stuck on the loading screen after clicking “Join Green Room.”

Root Causes

There are a few reasons why this issue occurs:

  • The network connection is unstable

  • Other applications are using the device’s camera and microphone

  • Browser cache needs to be cleared


Troubleshooting the Browser

Perform the following steps to determine if the issue is related to the guest’s browser:

  1. Check if the guest is using the latest version of their browser:

    • Google Chrome

    • Microsoft Edge

  2. If using Google Chrome (and vice versa with Microsoft Edge):

  3. Check if there are any Adblock extensions installed on the browser (e.g., uBlock Origin):

  4. Clear your browser cache. Refer to the below articles for instructions:

  5. Use incognito mode. Refer to the below articles for instructions:

Troubleshooting the Network

Perform the following steps to determine if the issue is related to the guest’s internet connection:

  1. Improve the connection to the internet. The minimum upload speed is 10 megabytes per second (Mbps).

    • If at the office or where possible, connect the computer to Ethernet.

    • If at home:

      1. Move closer to the Wi-Fi router.

      2. Make sure that other high-bandwidth usage activities (e.g., streaming) on the network are shut down.

      3. If possible, connect the computer to Ethernet.

  2. Disable VPNs and remove proxy settings.

  3. If on mobile and using Wi-Fi, switch to 4G/5G and vice versa.

If the guest is joining from a country in, for example, Asia. It is expected to have a longer loading time than usual. 

Troubleshooting the Device

If none of the above steps have worked, restart the device and try to join the session. If it is still not working, attempt to log in from another device (another computer or on mobile with the Socialive app).

If using a corporate-managed device, there may be restrictions in place on what applications may be accessed. The guest might have to switch to a personal device or consult their IT team.

Need Further Support?

If the issue persists, submit a support ticket with the following information so the Socialive Support team can investigate further:

  • Details about the issues experienced by the user

  • Troubleshooting steps were performed to try to resolve the issue

  • Details of the affected user(s) devices (specifications of the computer)

Still looking for an answer?

Contact Socialive Support via live chat email at support@socialive.us, or submit a support ticket.

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