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Bring Microsoft Teams Meetings into Socialive

Microsoft Teams allows your organization to expand its reach and gives meeting attendees more meeting options with streaming. When you enable streaming in Teams, organizers can stream meetings and webinars to Socialive by providing an RTMP stream URL and stream key to the built-in custom streaming app in Teams. This article is a step-by-step guide to enabling streaming in Teams and bringing Teams meetings and webinars into Socialive.


To bring Teams into Socialive, you need to:

  • Enable the LiveStreamingMode policy on your Microsoft Teams account
  • Be the Teams meeting organizer
  • Be a Socialive Administrator


Enabling Live Streaming in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams administrators can set up your organization for streaming with PowerShell. The per-user policy is used to specify who can enable livestreaming and it's turned off by default. Currently, the policy for streaming is not available from the Teams admin center. Learn more about streaming Teams meetings here.

Administrators can use the LiveStreamingMode attribute within the Windows PowerShell Set-CsTeamsMeetings cmdlet to set up streaming. This cmdlet enables administrators to control the type of meetings that users can create or features they can access while in a meeting, such as streaming. Administrators would need to enable the attribute LiveStreamingMode to turn on streaming capabilities for one or more users.

If organizers want to stream webinars, administrators will need to turn on meeting registration. Learn more about setting up webinars here.

Getting Your Socialive RTMP Source Stream URL and Stream Key

To add a live stream to Socialive, you'll need your Socialive stream URL and stream key into the streaming source; in this case, it's Microsoft Teams. 

Stream URL

Your Socialive stream URL comprises two parts: the URL and your session ID, together they make up a URL like the below:


To find your session ID, you need to:

  1. Create a new Socialive Studio session.
  2. Inspect the URL in the address bar. The session ID is as highlighted below.

Replace YOUR_BROADCAST_ID in the URL above with the ID of your Studio session. The final stream URL will look like the below:


Stream Key

Speak to your Customer Success Manager to inquire about adding RTMP Sources to your plan. Once enabled in your account, you will receive your private RTMP Sources stream key from Socialive Support. The stream key will look like the below:


Using the Teams Custom Streaming App to Live Stream to Socialive

Your Teams meetings and webinars can be easily streamed to Socialive via an RTMP. Teams' Custom Streaming app allows you to input Socialive's RTMP stream URL and stream key. However, the Custom Streaming app can only be added to your meeting or webinar during the event by the organizer. Learn more about streaming Teams meetings with RTMP here.

  1. During the meeting, add the Custom Streaming app to your meeting.
  2. After adding the app, you'll see two input fields. Enter your Socialive RTMP stream URL and stream key into the corresponding fields. Once you input the information in the fields, the Start Streaming button will be enabled.
  3. Click Start Streaming. A final prompt will appear to confirm the streaming should begin. Click Allow.
  4. In Socialive Studio, your Microsoft Teams meeting or webinar will appear in the Live Sources panel.

Still, looking for an answer?

Contact Socialive Support via live chat email at support@socialive.us, or submit a support ticket.

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