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Creating the Run-of-Show in Studio

A run-of-show is a scene-by-scene sequence of events created before a recording or livestream. Similar to a storyboard, it can be built in or outside Socialive Studio and provides a structure for running your live event. Each scene comprises a layout, video source(s), and overlays. In this article, we will go over the following topics:


Building a Scene

  1. First, select a Layout for your Scene.
  2. Next, drag your live source(s) or media source(s) from the Sources panel to a section of the layout in the Preview section.
  3. Optionally, add a background image to your layout from the Media panel on the left. This background image will be applied to all Scenes. This is useful when you are using multi-source layouts that would need the background to fill in space around the sources. Learn more about Uploading Media Assets to Studio.
  4. Add video, audio, and/or graphic overlays from the Overlays tab at the bottom. Overlays are applied to each Scene individually. Learn how to use Overlays in Scenes.
  5. Within the Overlays tab, you can also enable the automated name tags to show lower thirds on scenes with live guests. You can customize the name tag's style in the Theme tab. Learn how to use automated name tags in Studio.
  6. The Scene is automatically saved and you can view all of them in the Scenes panel above the Preview section. Click Add Scene to add another one.

Naming a Scene

Naming scenes helps you keep your run of show organized. To name a scene, select a scene from the carousel, click next to Preview, type in the new name for the scene, and press Enter to save.

Duplicating a Scene

To duplicate a Scene, click the Copy icon in the thumbnail of the Scene you want to duplicate. The duplicate Scene will appear next to it. You can also duplicate the currently selected scene by pressing CTRL + D (on Windows) or + D (on Mac). Learn about other keyboard shortcuts in Studio.

Deleting a Scene

To delete a scene, click the Trash icon in the thumbnail of the Scene you want to delete.

Reordering a Scene

To reorder your scenes, drag and drop the Scenes to the desired position.

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