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Use Start and End Cards in Livestreams

Start and end Cards in Socialive can be images or introduction videos played at the start and end of a livestream that help establish a stronger brand identity, make videos look professional, maintain consistency with your videos, and serve as a starting and ending point for live streams as there can be latency delays.

Socialive recommends the use of start and end cards to:

  • Inform the audience about the start time, topic, or content 

  • Let speakers have a few moments to organize their thoughts before speaking

  • Allow for a smooth transition into the content 

  • Communicate the end 

  • Provide additional information or resources that might be useful to the audience after it’s ended

This article provides information on how to create start/end cards, how to use them in Socialive, and examples of start/end cards.

Creating Start/End Cards

As mentioned, start/end cards can be images or videos. You can create start cards with office tools you already know, such as Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint, or creative tools like Canva, Adobe tools, etc.

The start/end cards must be in a 16:9 ratio and have the following dimensions:

  • For images:

    • .PNG, and .JPEG file formats.

    • 1280 x 720 px

    • 1920 x 1080 px

  • For videos:

    • .MP4, .MPEG, and .MOV file formats. ProRes files are not supported.

    • 720p or 1080p

    • The audio channel must be present (even if the video is silent)

Check the list of the supported audio and video codecs.

To create start/end cards in Canva, use one of the available templates in Canva that fit your brand:

Using Start/End Cards in Socialive

To add start/end cards to sessions in Socialive, follow the instructions below:

  1. Upload the images or videos as media. Follow the instructions in the article Uploading Media Assets to Studio.

  2. Add the start card to your first scene by dragging the image or video from the Media tab into the Preview area of the first scene.

  3. Build out your other scenes and add the end card to your last scene.

Examples of Start/End Cards

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