Welcome to Socialive!, It's springtime, and we have taken this opportunity to do a little spring cleaning. We re-designed the web portal to provide a better user experience. When you log in, you can quickly access the things you use most: your broadcasts, broadcast invites, and recordings. Additionally, you can now add your company logo to the portal.

In this article, we will go over the following topics:

Overview of the Portal

  1. My Broadcasts - Access an open broadcast session or create a new one. You can also use the options menu to rename or close a broadcast without entering Studio.
  2. Join a Broadcast - View and join broadcasts you are invited to as a guest. You can also use the options menu to remove yourself from the guest list.
  3. Recordings - View and manage the gallery of your completed broadcasts and recordings. 
  4. New Broadcast - Create a new broadcast session.
  5. Settings Menu - Contains links to the core functions of account management. This includes: adding Guests, Channels, Players (depending on the license type), navigating the Support Center articles, downloading the Socialive Mobile app, or resetting your password.
  6. Quick Links - Shortcuts to the Socialive website, Guests Best Practices guide, downloading the Socialive Mobile app, Product Updates announcements, and our blog.
  7. Socialive Support Chat - A direct link to chat with Socialive Support.

Where Did Facebook Polls, Comments, and Analytics Go?

Socialive goes well beyond "social" these days. Whether for internal communications, learning and development, or virtual events, the number of destinations for Socialive broadcasts has grown dramatically. As a result, we are investing in entirely new cross-platform tools to support audience engagement across various channels. In the meantime, we will be sunsetting these Facebook-specific tools for a while, but we will bring them back bigger and better later this year.

Where Did the Overlay Builder and Prompter Go?

Both of these features are being re-designed to meet the needs of producers and guests better. Stay tuned over the next couple of months as we introduce in-app nameplates and lower-thirds, as well as speaker notes. It is never easy to remove features, but we will do our best to provide even more value down the road.

Still looking for an answer?

Contact Socialive Support via live chat, email at support@socialive.us, or submit a support ticket.