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  • Socialive Overview: Guest Perspective

  • Socialive Overview: iOS Guest Perspective 

  • Overview of Minimum Technical Specifications and Best Practices 

  • Running an iOS Tech Check Example

  • Running a Tech Check Example

  • Mobile App Walk Thru 

  • Recording as a Guest on a Desktop 

  • Recording as a Producer on a Desktop 

  • Recording on an iOS Device 

  • Adding Pre-recorded Video and Clips to Socialive Scenes 

  • Sending Pre-recorded Content to Socialive Studio

  • Using Audio & Video Overlays in Socialive Studio

  • Using Socialive Integrations


  • Minimum Technical Specifications for a Socialive Broadcast

  • Working in Socialive with Pre-recorded Content

Reference Guides

  • Requesting Recorded Content

Search the course catalog in the Socialive Learning Hub to access our learning resources.