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Our new, refreshed Green Room

Socialive Update • March 2022

We like to think of our Green Room as the unsung super star that helps you consistently deliver great content. It’s the safe space for you to prep, guide, and communicate with your guests so that they are ready to deliver their best content. 


To that end, we are continuously trying to make this Green Room experience as delightful as possible. We’re excited to provide you access to this new interface! 


First and foremost, you’ll immediately notice improved speed and reliability. This was at the core of this entire refresh. We’ve also introduced several new enhancements we think you will be excited about:

  • Show or hide the broadcast monitor

  • Show or hide the chat panel

  • Show or hide Pigeonhole panel 

  • Start and stop multiple device recordings

  • Share audio from a screen share tab

  • Show or hide the health indicators

What’s new

Show or hide different parts of the screen

We’ve added multiple ways to optimize the Green Room so your guests can focus where you need them to. In the refreshed Green Room you can:

  • Show or hide the broadcast monitor: Use this when guests don’t need watch the live feed or are distracted by the three second delay 

  • Show or hide chat panel: Hide the chat panel once the broadcast starts to optimize screen real estate and chat with the other guests. There will still be a notification alert for the guest if there is a chat they need to see. 

  • Show or hide Pigeonhole panel: Not all recordings/broadcasts will utilize Pigeonhole so you can hide it when you don’t need it. 

We’ve also improved the pinning view so your guests’ eyes don’t wander too far away from the camera when they are in the middle of an important conversation.


Capture the HD content you need

The new Green Room introduces an improved recording process to save time on your post-production workflows. We’re now able to start/stop HD recordings right in the Green Room. This means:

  • Guests can now start and stop the HD recording for multiple takes during their session. This allows you to only capture the content you need, instead of also recording prep time.

  • As a result, Socialive producers can view all recordings and quickly identify the appropriate segments in the Socialive Library, without having to worry about sifting through extra footage in one long recording.

For more information on local recording in the new Green Room go here.


Share the audio from a screen share

This release introduces the ability to share the audio from a tab when a guest is sharing their screen. This is a great way to share videos in real time for an in the moment reaction recordings or sharing videos through screen share.


Health indicators hidden by default

Health indicators are helpful for producers' visibility. With this new release, we've defaulted the health indicators' off for all guests so they can focus on content delivery. For more information, read this article

For a full overview of all of the new capabilities check out Navigating the Green Room.


We are excited for you to try the New Green Room preview and look forward to your feedback!

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