Socialive Update • June 2021

Maximize any guest or video source within a layout to display it full-screen. Your audience will still hear the audio from the other sources in the layout, but only the maximized source will be visible. This is a great way to:

  • Showcase the active speaker in an interview or panel discussion

  • Display a video or screen share full-screen with audio from one or more speakers


Maximize a source

  • Hover over any source in your layout

  • Click on the Maximize icon in the upper-right corner to expand that source full-screen

  • While live, you'll need to click the Send Live button to apply the change the broadcast.

  • When maximized, that source will appear full-screen, but the audio from the other sources will still be audible.

  • You'll also see an indicator in the Scene thumbnail indicating that there are multiple sources in that scene (as shown below).

  • Click the Minimize icon to return back to the selected layout.

  • You can also expand the list of sources to quickly select another guest or video without having to first minimize.


  • Remember to click Send live to apply your changes to the broadcast