Socialive Update • February 2021

The iPhone does a fantastic job of automatically correcting the color captured by your camera. But sometimes, you may need to make specific adjustments for the footage you want to capture. This is where Camera Settings come in handy.


How to Access Camera Settings

After you enter a broadcast, tap the Settings icon in the bottom left corner and select Camera Settings.

Select Camera Settings


There are three options you can manually adjust. Tap Auto to let your device control the settings.


What are the controls?


Sometimes you can’t move your lights around to get the perfect setup. Adjusting your brightness can help. Brightness refers to the absolute value of colors lightness and darkness. If you increase the brightness, the video will appear lighter. If you decrease the brightness, the video will appear darker.


Temp and Tint

Sometimes what you see on your device doesn’t match what you see with the naked eye. If this happens, you may need to adjust your White Balance to correct the colors. You can do this with two settings: Temp and Tint.

  • Temp moves the video between the blue and orange spectrum.

  • Tint moves the video between the green and magenta spectrum.


Tip: Hold up a blank white piece of paper in front of your camera. Adjust Temp and Tint until it appears white on your device.