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Scenes Mode Is Now Available

Socialive Update • January 2021

Video production is dramatically simplified by pre-configuring a sequence of Scenes ahead of time. 

  • Eliminates the need to set up each scene on the fly

  • Transition between different layouts, sources, and graphics instantly

  • Reduce chances for user error during transitions

What is a scene?

A Scene is a Layout containing Source(s) and Graphic(s). Add a Scene and then drag and drop to populate it with sources and apply graphics. Each scene is automatically saved to the Scene timeline, where you add, reorder, duplicate, and delete scenes. During a broadcast, simply select a scene, then Send Live. Scenes can also by updated on the fly during a live broadcast just as before.


Known Issues

Updated May 8th, 2021

Some items are still under development and not yet supported with Scenes at this time. 


Blackmagic Capture Card Support

Coming soon


Limited to 50 scenes per broadcast

Muting/unmuted a live VOD

When you mute or unmute the audio track for a Video source while it's live, the setting will not be reflected until the video restarts.


Updating graphics across broadcasts

When you update a graphic's location or opacity in one broadcast, those updates are not immediately reflected in other broadcasts containing that same graphic. You can toggle the graphic off and on again to apply the latest settings.


Facebook Comments & Polls

Coming later this year

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