Socialive Update • December 2020

All videos in the Green Room are now optimized to maximize performance so participants can stream at the highest possible quality with even greater reliability. The videos in the Green Room are compressed to reduce network usage by as much as 80%. This means less stuttering, less buffering, and smoother video playback for everyone. Although videos may appear compressed in the Green Room, rest assured that the broadcast and recordings will utilize the full resolution, uncompressed video.


Adjust video playback quality

On a larger monitor with few participants, you may notice the reduced resolution of the videos. If you need to see more detail in a video, simply click the Settings icon in lower left corner to change the playback quality.


Keep in mind that higher video quality requires more network bandwidth and CPU processing.


Playing the highest available

If a participant has particularly limited bandwidth, the High or possibly even the Medium quality version may not be available. In this case, the Settings pop-up will indicate the highest quality that is currently available. As the participant's network conditions improve, the video will automatically increase to your selected playback quality setting.