Pigeonhole Live enables live interactive features such as chat, Q&A, and polls in your event, regardless of the platform your Socialive event is being viewed on by your audience. This article provides steps to add a Pigeonhole Event to a broadcast.


To add a Pigeonhole to a broadcast, you need to:

  • Be a Socialive Administrator in your Socialive account

  • Have already connected your Pigeonhole account to Socialive. If you haven't, follow the steps in the support article to connect Pigeonhole to Socialive.

Note: Chrome's Incognito mode is not supported by Pigeonhole.


  1. In Socialive Studio, click the + button at the top-right corner, next to "Scenes Mode".

  2. Select a Pigeonhole account from the list.

  3. A pop-up will appear. Click on the Pigeonhole Event you want to add to your broadcast.

  4. Click Select.

  5. A Pigeonhole tab will appear on the left-side panel. Click on the caret drop-down to switch between Audience, Moderator, or Admin view. You can also remove the Pigeonhole Event from your broadcast.

Green Room Experience

Once a Pigeonhole Event is added to your broadcast, it will appear in the Green Room and your guests can start interacting with your audience. The Pigeonhole Event tab will appear on the Team Chat panel.

Guests will be able to access and switch between the Moderator and Audience view of Pigeonhole. Meanwhile, Guest Directors can access and switch between the Moderator, Audience, and Admin view of Pigeonhole. To switch between views, click the down-caret icon on the Pigeonhole tab and select a view.

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