Welcome to Socialive Studio! This is where the magic happens. The main content creation area of Socialive. It is often referred to as a TV control room in the cloud. This article provides an overview of the features of Socialive Studio.

Overview of the Portal

  1. Sources Panel- This panel contains the Live Sources and Media tabs.

  2. Scenes Carousel - From the Scenes Carousel, you can add, duplicate, rearrange, and delete Scenes on your broadcasts. You can also double-click a Scene to send it live during a broadcast. Learn how to work with Scenes to create content in Socialive Studio.

  3. Preview Panel - In the Preview panel, you can view your Scenes before sending it live, see the graphics as you add them, maximize a source within a feed, and send a Scene live during a broadcast.

  4. Overlays and Layouts Panel- This panel contains the Overlays and Layouts panels.

    • From the Overlays panel, you can add audio, video, and graphic overlays to your Scenes, such as lower-thirds and logos. You can also configure the graphics to toggle on and off with a hotkey. Learn how to upload and use overlays in Scenes.

    • The Layouts panel contains a wide variety of layouts to display multiple guests, videos, and screen shares at the same time. Check out the dimensions of all our templates, these will come in handy when designing graphics for your broadcasts.

  5. Top Navigation Bar - From the top navigation bar, you can do the following:

    1. Change the name of your broadcast.

    2. View the version of Socialive Studio you are using.

    3. Contact Socialive Support by clicking the Help button.

    4. Close or leave the broadcast.

  6. Broadcast Panel- The Broadcast panel contains the Settings and Team Chat tabs.

    • Within the Settings tab, you can change the title of your broadcast and enter a description of it. Here you can also change whether you want to have a live broadcast or record only. If you choose to have a live broadcast, a series of distribution channel options where you can stream to will appear. Additionally, you can change the orientation of your broadcast from landscape to portrait under the Options drop-down.

    • The Team Chat tab allows you to communicate with your guests during the broadcast to queue them when it's their turn to go live.

Learn more about using Socialive Studio.

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