Adding the ability to integrate Pigeonhole's live interactive features to your Socialive events is easy. Pigeonhole enables live interactive features such as chat, Q&A, and polls in your event, regardless of the platform your Socialive event is being viewed on by your audience. This article will go over the steps to connect your Pigeonhole account to Socialive.


To connect your Pigeonhole account to Socialive, you need to:

  • Be a Socialive Administrator in your Socialive account

  • Set up your Pigeonhole account. If you haven't, check out the Pigeonhole Help Center for more information.


Step 1: Getting Your Pigeonhole API Key

The first step is to get your Pigeonhole API Key to connect your account to Socialive.

  1. Log in to your Pigeonhole account as an Admin or Team Lead user.

  2. Click on your profile picture at the top-left corner, under your Team Workspace, click Workspace Settings.

  3. From Workspace Settings, select Developer. If you do not see this option, it means you are not an Admin or Team Lead user.

  4. Copy the API Key.

Step 2: Connecting Pigeonhole to Socialive

Now that you have your Pigeonhole API Key, let's connect your account to Socialive.

  1. Log in to your Socialive account as an Administrator.

  2. From the Settings menu, click Connections.

  3. From the Connections page, click Add connection.

  4. A pop-up will appear. Select Pigeonhole.

  5. Enter a name (a) for your Pigeonhole account and paste your API Key (b).

  6. Click Save.

Now that you've added your Pigeonhole account to Socialive, you are ready to add Pigeonhole Events to your broadcasts!

Managing Your Pigeonhole Connections

After you add a Pigeonhole account to your Socialive account, you can edit or delete the connection. To do so, click the Actions button to the right. You'll see two options, one to Edit Connection, and another to Remove Connection.

When you click on Edit Connection, you will be able to change the Connection Title and the Pigeonhole API Key Token. Click Save when you're done.

When you click Remove Connection, a confirmation pop-up will appear, click Remove to confirm and delete the connection.

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