LinkedIn is a popular destination for Socialive broadcasts and Socialive makes connecting directly to LinkedIn easy. However, on the LinkedIn side, only pre-approved accounts may access LinkedIn Live. In this article, we will go over the steps to create a LinkedIn Private Event to test that your LinkedIn profile or company page has been approved for LinkedIn Live.


To perform this testing, you need to be:

  • The LinkedIn Live Admin (the one who submitted the application to access LinkedIn Live)

  • A Socialive administrator in your Socialive account

Part 1: Connecting Your LinkedIn Account

  1. In Socialive, create a new broadcast or open an existing broadcast.

  2. On the right-side panel, under the Broadcast Live tab and click on the LinkedIn logo.

  3. In the pop-up that appears, click Add Account...

  4. Another pop-up will appear, select if you want to connect to a profile page or company page(s) (a) and click Next (b).

  5. A LinkedIn login pop-up page will appear, sign in to your LinkedIn account.

  6. Next, click to Allow to authorize the connection between LinkedIn and Socialive.

  7. Next, toggle on the company page(s) or profile page you want to broadcast to.

  8. The LinkedIn company page(s) or profile page will appear on the account's list.

Part 2: Creating the Test Private Event In LinkedIn

  1. In LinkedIn, open the company page or profile page where you want to test the broadcast.

  2. Click the + icon to create an event.

  3. The Create Event pop-up will appear. Under the Details section, enter the following information:

    1. Event name - Enter "Test Private Event".

    2. Timezone - This is pre-set by your local timezone.

    3. Start Date, Start Time, End Date, and End Time - Select the start and end date and time.

    4. Description - Enter "Test".

  4. Scroll down to the Settings section, change the Visibility to Private event.

  5. Under the Location section:

    1. Check the option "This is an online event".

    2. Under the Broadcast tool drop-down, select LinkedIn Live.

  6. Click Create.

  7. A pop-up will appear, prompting you to share a post about your event. Click the X (a) and then click Discard (b).

  8. Next, the event page will appear. Click the Share button and then Copy Link. You will need this link for the next part.

Part 3: Running the Test Broadcast

  1. Go back to the broadcast you created or opened in part 1.

  2. On the right-side panel, under the Broadcast Live tab, click the LinkedIn logo.

  3. Click to toggle the company page or profile page you want to broadcast to.

  4. On the right side, under "Where to post?", select Private Event and paste the link you copied in step 8 of part 2.

  5. Click Done.

  6. Set up your broadcast to start with a title card and click on Start Broadcast. Wait for the broadcast to start.

  7. On the right-side panel, you will see a loading icon next to your LinkedIn account.

  8. Once you see a squared icon with an arrow, click on it to open the broadcast in LinkedIn. This means the connection is working correctly and that you are authorized to use LinkedIn Live on your company page or profile page.

  9. The link will take you to see the broadcast on LinkedIn.

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