Dedicated Chat Panel in Studio

A dedicated Chat panel makes it easier to follow along with your guests and collaborators during your broadcast. Now you can leave the chat open on the right hand side and you won't miss a thing.

Before a Broadcast, you can switch between the Settings and Team Chat

Once you begin your session, you can switch between your Channels and Team Chat.

Please Note: When there is a new message, you will see a notification icon in the panel.

Countdown Timer for Pre-Recorded Videos

Now, when you place a pre-recorded video in a Standard Layout (full screen), you will see a timer in the Scenes panel during your broadcast.

Please note:

  • The timer will only appear during a Live Broadcast or Recording.

  • When the video is finished, and Loop is disabled, your broadcast will transition to the next Scene automatically.

Additional UI Updates

  • Help Button: Click the Help Icon in the top right corner to connect with our Support team.

  • End Broadcast Confirmation: When you end a broadcast or a recording, you'll see a pop to confirm before ending the broadcast.

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