Make your video content available to a larger audience on LinkedIn with closed captions. If you want to reach deaf/hearing-impaired viewers, captions help these groups understand your videos. Captions are also useful on social media, where 85% of people report watching videos without sound. Social media users are far more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available.

Enabling automatic closed captions on LinkedIn Live using Socialive

Simply check "Enabled automatic closed captions (English only)" when broadcasting to LinkedIn as shown below:

If enabled, viewers on LinkedIn will see the English captions within the video player:

Keep the following in mind when using automatic captions on LinkedIn:

  • Captions are available only for English audio content

  • Captions can be removed from LinkedIn after the broadcast begins, but captions cannot be added after the broadcast begins.

  • Captions must be enabled within Socialive before the broadcast begins.

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