Scenes is a new workflow that makes it easier than ever to create content in Socialive Studio. A scene is a combination of a layout, video source(s), and graphics. You can enable scenes by clicking the Performance Mode button in the top right corner of Studio, and then selecting Scenes Preview.


There are small differences to the User Interface when using scenes. Your sources panel is on the left. Across the top is your Scenes panel. The broadcast panel is on the right. You can access Layouts, Graphics and Polls across the bottom. The preview panel is in the center, and this is where you build a scene.

[Screenshot] - Studio layout, callouts for each section

Build a Scene

A scene is made up of a layout, video source(s), and graphics.

Second, add a source. To add a source, drag and drop from the Sources panel to a section of your layout in the Preview panel.

The scene is automatically saved and you can view all of your scenes in the Scenes Panel across the top of Studio.

Third, add a graphic. Open the Graphics tab at the bottom of the screen and select a graphic. Graphics are applied to each scene individually.

Add Another Scene

Click the Add Scene Button in the Scenes Panel.

Delete a Scene

To delete a scene, hover over the scene and click the delete button. This can not be undone.

Reorder Scenes

Drag and Drop your scenes in the Scenes Panel to change the order.

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