The Socialive Mobile app allows you to capture high-quality, full-HD recordings for guests regardless of their network conditions. Full-HD (1080p) video is captured directly on the guest’s device and automatically uploaded to the Socialive Library following the broadcast. There is no need for the guest to download or transfer any large files manually - Socialive takes care of it.

This ensures you get the highest quality video, since it isn’t subject to bandwidth limitations that can affect resolution, bitrate, and overall video quality. Following the broadcast, the guest simply waits for the automatic upload to complete, at which point all video data is cleared from their device.

How to record your session in Full-HD

1. Download the Socialive app.

2. Put your iPhone or iPad on "Do Not Disturb" Mode

3. Close out all apps running in the background so that only Socialive is the app running.

4. Log into the app using your credentials

5. Join the broadcast

If you’ve been invited to a broadcast, you’ll see it listed under the "Join" tab.

Tap the JOIN button to join a broadcast

5. Turn your phone on landscape orientation to continue.

6. Pick your recording quality

After turning your device to landscape, you’ll see an option to record in Standard or Full-HD video quality.


  • Your video stream will be recorded in the cloud at standard HD resolution (720p).

  • Since your video is streaming over the internet, the quality can fluctuate based on your network conditions.


  • Your video stream will still be recorded in the cloud, but a full-HD (1080p) version will also be recorded temporarily on your device.

  • Since the video does not have to travel over the Internet, the recording will be on high-quality 1080p, without any distortions from internet congestion.

  • Once you leave the broadcast, your recording will automatically upload to the Socialive Library and no video data will remain on your device. (You will need to keep the Socialive app open until it processes).

  • NOTE: As a reminder- we always recommend enabling the Do Not Disturb feature and closing all other apps running in the background when using the Full-HD recording option to avoid an interruption during the broadcast.

  • NOTE: Please ensure you have enough free space on your device to record in full-HD. You’ll need approximately 1.5GB per hour of recording.

7. Join the Greenroom

After making your selection, tap the red button in the bottom right to join the Greenroom

Once you are in the Green Room, you will be able to see others in the Green Room. In the upper left corner, you’ll see the recording has started.

End your recording

8. At the end of your broadcast session, tap the Leave button.

Stay in the Socialive app for the HD recording to fully upload:

  • Long videos may take awhile to upload so you may want to plug in your device until it completes.

  • The app must be open to upload your recording. If you need to close the app, you can resume the upload later by reopening the app.

  • Once your recording is fully uploaded, you can close the app. You do not need to wait for them to process.

Stop your full-HD recording without leaving the broadcast

Note that you can stop the full-HD recording at any point by tapping the upper left corner.

  • Your standard recording will continue in the cloud

  • Once you stop your full-HD recording, you’ll have to leave and rejoin to restart it.

Technical requirements

  • Available storage: Full-HD recording requires at least 1.5GB free storage space on the device per hour of recording. You must have at least 500mb of free space to start a full-HD recording.

  • Max length: The maximum full-HD recording length is 90 minutes

  • Upload: The Socialive app must be open to upload full-HD recordings. If you need to leave the app, you can resume uploading later by reopening the Socialive app. Once the recordings are fully uploaded, you can close the app. You do not need to wait for them to process.

The following devices are recommended for full-HD recording:

  • iPhone X

  • iPhone XS/Max

  • iPhone 11

  • iPhone SE2

  • iPhone 12

  • iPad 7th gen and above (aka released 2019 or later)

Other iPhone models (6/7/8/XR) may be used, however given their limited processing power, guests may enter Energy Saver mode quickly after joining the broadcast or face other issues. It is highly recommended testing recordings on these devices before the actual recording.

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