What is NDI?

NDI (Network Device Interface) is a high-quality, video-over-IP standard to enable cameras and others devices to send and receive high-definition video over a network for cable-free video production.

Most NDI cameras are plug and play. They can be plugged into any LAN (Local Area Network) and configured to operate with any software or hardware solution that supports NDI.

Once an NDI camera is plugged into your network, you can add it as a Live Source in Socialive.

Install NDI Virtual Input

To add an NDI source to Studio, install and run NDI Virtual Input on the computer running Socialive:

From the installer, select NewTekNDIVirtulInput.pkg:

Select your NDI Source

Once NDI Virtual Input is running, you can select any active feed from the NDI application menu.

The NDI source will appear in the Live Sources panel in Socialive Studio:

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