With Socialive you can display multiple guests, videos, and screen-shares on screen at the same time. We've made available the layout templates for 1080p resolution, click below to download them.

You can find the dimensions for our popular layouts here:

Standard Layout

One Grid

One 60

One 70

One 70 Left

Two PIP Over/Under

PIP Over 2

Two PIP Bottom

Two Grid

Two Horizontal Crop

Two Horizontal Fill

Two Vertical

Two Vertical Fill

Two Left

Two Right

Two Top

Two Bottom

Two Mosaic Wide

Three Horizontal Crop

Three Horizontal Fill

Three Left

Three Top

Three Mosaic Wide

3 PIP Bottom

3 Vertical Fill

Four Horizontal Fill

4 Horizontal Crop

Four Vertical Fill

Four Grid Full

Four Grid

Four Left

Four PIP Bottom

Four Mosaic Wide

Five Grid

Five Grid Crop

Five Left

Six Grid

Six Grid Crop

Six Left

Seven Grid

Seven Grid Crop

Seven Left

Eight Grid

Eight Grid Crop

Eight Left

Nine Grid

Nine Grid Crop

Nine Left

Ten Grid

Ten Grid Crop

Ten Left

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Contact Socialive Support via live chat or email at support@socialive.us.

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