Sometimes you encounter an error in Socialive you need to troubleshoot with us. Follow these steps to provide us the most accurate picture of your session so we can find and resolve issues quickly.

Console logs provide that picture. Saving and sending this log is simple! Here's how:

Step 1:

As soon as you encounter an error right-click anywhere in the window. Click "Inspect"

Step 2:

Click "Console" in the tabs at the top right of the window

Step 3:

Make sure all levels are chosen.

Step 4:

Click the gear in the top right corner for Settings

In "Console" and click "Show Timestamps"

Step 5:

Right-click in the console window and select "Save As"


Send that file to us at or use the messenger button at the bottom right.

Still looking for an answer?

Contact the Socialive Support team via our Live Chat or via email at

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