Using the Socialive Mobile App is extremely handy for a few of reasons:

  • Everyone has a smartphone

  • Newer smartphones = better quality cameras = pristine guest feeds

  • Easily switch between cellular data or WiFi to ensure a strong connection

Often, it may actually be the better choice to go with the mobile app, depending on the device and/or connection. Here is a guide on how to use Socialive Mobile.

If you have decided to use the mobile app, here are some best practices to ensure the best experience:

  • Turn your phone on "Do Not Disturb" mode

  • Remove any bulky case

  • Close all other apps (running in the background)

  • Turn off Bluetooth if not being used for the broadcast (i.e. Bluetooth headphones)

  • Avoid direct sunlight

  • Reduce brightness

  • Use a tripod to get the best framing.

  • Have the charger and outlet nearby in case the battery runs out!

Socialive Mobile is currently only on iOS but Android Recorder is now in beta!

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Learn more about our Android Beta here

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