GlobalMeetĀ® Webcast, formerly Talkpoint, is a leading webcast solution for enterprise and Fortuneā„¢ 500 companies. The cloud-based SaaS webcast solution provides businesses with an easy-to-use, secure, and scalable environment to produce high-profile, engaging webcasts for thousands of attendees worldwide.

Now you can use Socialive to produce a branded, professional live video broadcasts and deliver them directly to GlobalMeet events.

Set up a GlobalMeet broadcast in Socialive

In order to access the information needed to connect Socialive for your event, you'll first need to access the GlobalMeet Encoder Settings button in the Broadcast Controls area of the Live Studio.

Once you have your Encoder Settings, you're ready to set up your broadcast:

  • In Socialive Studio, click the RTMP icon in the distribution bar

  • Click Add RTMP...

  • Add a label (ex. GlobalMeet Event)

  • In GlobalMeet, click Media Encoder Settings to access the stream details.

  • Copy and paste the Primary Stream URL to the Server URL field in Socialive

  • Copy and paste the Primary Stream ID to the Stream Key field in Socialive

  • In Socialive, save the RTMP info and ensure it's toggled on

Socialive: Broadcast live video to GlobalMeet

Start your GlobalMeet broadcast

  • Start your broadcast in Socialive to begin streaming to GlobalMeet

  • In GlobalMeet, click the Preview Stream button to preview the Socialive broadcast.

  • Connected text will appear in the Primary Stream box when the broadcast has been connected.

  • Once the connection process is complete and you see your video in the Live Studio, click Start Webcast to begin broadcasting your event.

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