Admins now have the option of setting a password when creating a user profile. Now it's easy to create user accounts without worrying about invites being sent to spam or technical novices completing the registration or one-time guests needing to register.

Add a user

  1. As an Admin, go to

  2. Click Add User

  3. Enter an email address, full name, location, and role

  4. Choose Set password to create a user account, or choose Ask user to set password to send an invitation to sign up.

If you chose Set password, you can simply share the credentials with the new user.

If you chose Ask user to set password, the user will receive an email invitation that they can click to set their own password and complete the setup of their account.

Note: If the email address is already registered to a Socialive user, that user will be added to your account with their existing Name, Location, and Password. Once added, they can login to Socialive as they normally do and then select the appropriate account from the main menu.

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