This article covers:

-Navigating Youtube Studio

-Scheduling a future live stream in Youtube

-Getting your stream key to connect Youtube

-Connecting Youtube in Socialive

To schedule a live event, navigate to the YouTube Studio:

In studio, click "Go Live" in the right hand of the dashboard

You'll enter Live Studio, click "Stream"

Enter the title of the broadcast. Set your schedule date.

After you've set the time you will be directed to the studio dashboard that shows your stream key that you will copy and paste into Socialive to connect your broadcast.

There is now a simple settings menu where you can choose to let Youtube automatically start streaming once you "Start Broadcasting" in Socialive.

After you set up your scheduled live stream in Youtube, and have copied your stream key.

Navigate back to your Socialive Studio

In studio you'll see your distribution points

When you click the Youtube icon you'll see the set up window

Click "Add RTMP"

Label your scheduled stream

Paste your Youtube stream key

Click "Save"

You are now ready for your scheduled stream!

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