LinkedIn Live allows approved members and organizations to broadcast live video content to LinkedIn page followers, profile connections, or LinkedIn Live Events. It's a great way to ensure your attendees and followers can connect with each other and have conversations before, during, and after the event in a dedicated space.

This article provides the steps to broadcast into a LinkedIn profile or page from Socialive.

If you want to broadcast into a LinkedIn Live Event, follow the instructions to schedule a LinkedIn Live Event from Socialive.


To broadcast to a LinkedIn page or profile from Socialive, you need to:


  1. In Socialive, create a new broadcast or open an existing broadcast.

  2. On the right-side panel, under the Broadcast Live tab, click the LinkedIn logo.

  3. In the pop-up that appears:

    1. Toggle the LinkedIn page or profile you want to broadcast to.

    2. Under "Where to Post?", select "name of your page or profile".

    3. Under Video Title, enter the title of your broadcast.

    4. Under Linked Post, enter the description or body copy of your broadcast.

    5. Optional, select your Target Audience. By default, this is set to "Anyone on LinkedIn".

    6. Optional, enable automatic closed captions (English only).

  4. Click Done.

  5. Setup your broadcast, and when you are ready click Start Broadcast.

  6. Wait for the broadcast to start on LinkedIn's end. You will see a loading icon on the right-side panel, next to your LinkedIn page or profile name. Once the broadcast is live on LinkedIn, click the Open Link icon to open the see the broadcast on LinkedIn.

  7. When you click that link, the LinkedIn page with the live video will appear.

  8. When you are ready to end your broadcast, click End Broadcast in Socialive. The broadcast will end, and the LinkedIn video post will display that you were previously live.

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