LinkedIn provides members with an easy way to create and attend both private and public events that interest them. This article will go over the following topics:


To broadcast to a LinkedIn Event page, you need to be:

  • The LinkedIn Live Admin (the one who is approved to stream live on LinkedIn)

  • A Socialive administrator in your Socialive account

Event Roles

In a LinkedIn Event, there are two event roles:

  • Organizer - A member that operates the event's host, by creating the event, deciding on the event details, and inviting attendees. The event organizer can either be an individual profile, or a LinkedIn page.

  • Attendee - A member who has either accepted an invitation to attend an event or who has joined a public event.

Public vs. Private Events

While you are creating an event on LinkedIn, you can choose whether it can be viewed by the public, or if it is private.

  • If an event's visibility is set to Public:

    • Any LinkedIn member can search for it using the event's name.

    • The connections of invitees or attendees can register to attend if the connection has shared the event and it appears in their feed.

    • Anyone with access to the event can click Attend on the event's page, and they can also share the event, or invite their connections to attend.

  • If an event's visibility is set to Private:

    • The event will only be accessible to LinkedIn members who have been invited by the organizer or other attendees, or to people who have received the event's URL.

    • The organizer will need to approve all member's requests to attend if the requester hasn't been invited by an attendee and has requested to attend from the event page.

Step 1: Creating a LinkedIn Event

Follow the steps in LinkedIn's article to Create or Manage a LinkedIn Event. If it is your first time using LinkedIn Live, we recommend that you Create a LinkedIn Private Event for Testing to make sure that everything goes smoothly the day of the event.

Step 2: Creating a Broadcast

In Socialive, create a new broadcast and build it with:

  • Live cameras, remote guests, recorded video, and images.

  • Branded graphics (watermarks, lower-thirds, and CTAs)

  • Layouts for a conversation between 2 or more guests

Below are some useful articles:

Step 3: Connecting Your LinkedIn Account

Follow the steps below in Socialive Studio:

  1. On the right-side panel, under the Broadcast Live tab, click on the LinkedIn logo.

  2. In the pop-up that appears, click Add Account.

  3. Another pop-up will appear, select if you want to connect to a profile page or company page(s) (a), and click Next (b).

  4. A LinkedIn login pop-up page will appear, sign in to your LinkedIn account. If you are not the person approved to go live on LinkedIn, make sure you are logging in with the approved admin's credentials.

  5. Next, click to Allow to authorize the connection between LinkedIn and Socialive.

  6. Next, toggle on the company page(s) or profile page you want to broadcast to.

  7. The LinkedIn company page(s) or profile page will appear on the account's list.

Step 4: Starting Your Broadcast

When it's time, click Start Broadcast to go live from Socialive to your LinkedIn Live Event page. Registered attendees can watch and participate on the event page.

After you are finished, a recording of your broadcast will be saved automatically to your Recordings tab. You can access the Recordings tab from the Socialive web portal, where you can clip and download recordings for fresh organic content.

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