On24's Broadcast Video option allows you to incorporate high-quality Socialive broadcasts into your live webcasts. 

Note: The Broadcast Video option is available as an option within your On24 account. Contact your ON24 Customer Success Manager for more information.

Step 1: Create your On24 Webcast

First create a webcast by choosing Broadcast Video as the Present Type.

Once you create a webcast with the Broadcast Video present type, Webcast Elite will provide the URL and Stream ID.

Step 2: Add the URL and Stream ID to Socialive

The URL and Stream ID need to be inputted into Socialive. 

  • In the distribution dialog in Socialive, click the Add RTMP button. 

  • Paste the Encoder A URL into the Server URL field

  • Paste the Encoder A Stream ID into the Stream Key field

  • Click SAVE to complete

Step 3: Preview your video in On24

Previewing your broadcast is recommended before the live webcast to check that everything is working properly. To preview your encoder simply start your Socialive broadcast (using an Intro image) and then click on the Preview link in On24 to open the preview console. 

Step 3: Start your On24 Webcast

When it comes time for the live webcast, the following timeline is recommended:

  1. Start your Socialive broadcast prior to audience lobby open time (1 hour before live start time recommended)

  2. Click the “Start Live” button in PMXD when ready to begin the webcast

  3. Then click the “Stop Live” button in PMXD when the webcast is over

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