Joining a Broadcast

If it is your first time joining a broadcast in Socialive, follow the instructions in the following articles, depending on your device:

Green Room Experience

The green room is the interface in which guests experience a broadcast or recording session. Socialive guests experience the studio differently than producers do. Similar to sending someone on a live stage, when the producer starts a recording or live broadcast, the green room participants will see their interface change in a few ways:

  • The welcome to the Green Room bar, which was grey during the pre-filming view will turn to green if you are backstage. Backstage guests are not visible or audible to viewers.

  • The broadcast monitor above the internal chat will begin to show the audience's view of the recording or live broadcast. This will display at a three-second delay. Do not focus your attention on this display and instead focus your attention on the left area where the live cameras are running, since this area is real-time.

  • All guests will be muted automatically once the producer starts recording. The producer, however, will be able to hear everyone in the green room.

  • Only participants who are live in a scene will have their audio automatically turned on for all to hear in the Green Room.

  • At any point, guests can unmute the producer and anyone else who needs to be heard.

  • At the start of the broadcast, everyone is muted to ensure no speaker who is sent live is distracted by other audio. As such, we recommend everyone unmute the producer at the start of the broadcast, so the producer can guide guests.

  • If producers notice that the guests cannot hear their cues, the producer can stop the recording, if it is a recording, or chat with the guests to unmute.

While you are in the Green Room, you can:

  • Drag and drop to reorder the video tiles

  • See other participant's feeds in a higher resolution. Video resolution is optimized for network efficiency.

  • Mute and unmute other participants

  • Change your camera and microphone input device

  • View your broadcast health indicator. Ideally, it should be between Good and Excellent.

Going Live

When a broadcast starts, you will often begin backstage. A few things will change:

  • If there is a pre-recorded video played as the only source in a scene, you will be able to hear the video on the broadcast monitor.

  • If an individual is on screen with a pre-recorded video, other guests will only hear the live commentary.

  • As soon as guests are brought into a scene, they will see the green bar along with the top change to red. This red bar notates you are live, but that's not the only visible change. Another indication is that their camera display box will be outlined red with an icon that says LIVE in their box, indicating that this particular guest is live.

End of a Broadcast

When the session ends:

  • Everyone is unmuted for each other again. Guests should wait for cues from the producer on the next steps.

  • If you are recording your local ISO on your desktop, the producer should notify you at this point to click to Stop your local ISO recording. The producer should provide instructions for you to send the local recording file over to them.

  • You will have to leave the green room window to end your broadcast ISO feed.

Best Practices

  • Audience members will not hear the producer. To ensure this, it is recommended that guests wear headphones, or adjust the speakers on their computer to 50% to avoid any potential echo or feedback.

  • It is possible to have multiple guests be live, so anyone else live in a scene would also have this red outline around their camera display box.

  • Other guests in the green room that are not live, will hear the audio of those who are live, the producer, and anyone else who has been unmuted.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Issues with Broadcast Quality and Consistency

If you are experiencing issues with the broadcast's quality and consistency, it could be due to your network.

  • Check your internet signal and assess if you need to move to a different area or switch to a different network.

  • Corporate firewalls can inhibit your ability to join the video, and see, or hear other participants. For this, ensure all URLs and ports are whitelisted.

No Device Detected/Can't See Your Camera

  • The settings to allow permissions for your camera or microphone will pop up on the launch screen in your computer browser, or upon accessing the camera on your mobile device.

  • In the URL bar in Google Chrome, there will be a camera icon that will also give you the ability to turn on permissions to use your camera and microphone.

  • If your camera is being blocked by Google Chrome, follow the instructions to allow/unblock your camera device.

  • If another application is using your camera or microphone (e.g., Skype, Google Meet, WebEx, Zoom, etc.), exit from the program, and then refresh your Socialive window to ensure devices are not being overridden.

Hearing an Echo While Live on Screen

  • Make sure your audio slider under the broadcast monitor is all the way to the left (no audio).

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