Quick Start Guide:

Instructions & Best Practices

Step One: Ready Your Device

Have your device fully charged and connected to a stable internet connection.

Join by Computer

  • Use Google Chrome web browser
  • Allow camera & microphone settings(must allow within Chrome & Socialive)

Join by Mobile

  • Download the Socialive mobile app for iOS
  • Allow camera & microphone permissions
  • Use Wifi or LTE

Step Two: Log into Socialive

If this is your first time using Socialive, you will need to create a login.

To set your login & password, follow the instructions within the email invitation you received from your video host.

Logging in by Computer

Logging in by Mobile

  • Open the Socialive mobile app to login

Step Three: Join the Session

When you join the session, you will enter a “backstage” area called the Green Room. From here, you can communicate with the host & other guests by voice or closed chat.

From Computer

  • On dashboard screen, locate session invitation
  • Click the Join button to open Socialive Studio
  • If necessary, change camera & mic selection
  • Click to “Join Broadcast” to join the green room

From Mobile

  • On dashboard screen, tap into the correct Channel
  • Along bottom navigation, tap Join
  • Hold device horizontally, and once on your camera, tap the red button to Join the green room

Note: Once the video starts, all participants who are not on screen will be muted automatically., 

Step Four: Check your Camera & Mic

Some simple best practices will help you get your best video and audio quality...


  • Use a level surface for your camera
  • If on computer, place your laptop on a table with minimal vibrations
  • If on mobile, use a tripod or lean your device against an object on a table
  • Center yourself horizontally on camera
  • Avoid being backlit


  • Project using a clear speaking voice
  • If on mobile, do not stand more than 3-4 feet away from your device for best audio
  • It is acceptable to use headphones/ear buds
  • If on computer and not using headphones, output volume can be turned up to about 50% before risking echo

Step Five: Pay attention to queues from host & app

Once the video has begun, stay attentive, look for queues, and be ready to appear on camera.

  • Red indicators will let you know when you move from Standby to being LIVE on screen
  • You will also see indicators on other guests who are LIVE at any given moment
  • The right side of your screen shows a monitor of the actual video being produced. This feed is on a 2-3 second delay.
  • Look at the right-hand chat for notifications and messages from your host

Troubleshooting Tips:

If issues with quality and consistency, it could be your network.

  • Check your internet signal, and assess if you need to move to a different area or switch to a different network.
  • Corporate Firewalls can inhibit with your ability to join the video, see or hear other participants.
  • Allow UDP with a port range of 5002-65535

No Device Detected / Can’t see your camera?

  • The settings to allow permissions for camera/mic will pop up on the launch screen in your computer browser, or upon accessing the camera on your mobile device.
  • In the URL bar in Chrome, there will be a camera icon that will also give you the ability to turn on permissions.
  • Is your camera blocked by Chrome? Here are instructions on how to check.
  • Are you using another application that accesses your camera or mic (e.g., Skype, etc)? Exit from the program, then refresh your Socialive window to ensure devices are not being overridden.

Hearing an Echo while live on screen?

Make sure your audio slider under the Live Video monitor is all the way to the left (no audio).

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