Do You Have a Socialive App for Android?

Currently, we only have a mobile app for Apple devices (iPhones and iPad) that is compatible with iPhone models 6 and above.

For Android devices, we currently have the Android Recorder app in beta. Learn more about the Socialive Android Recorder app.

Can I View My Recordings From the Socialive App?

You can view your recordings in the Videos tab on the Socialive iOS mobile app.

Do I Need to Have Storage Available On My Phone When Recording a Video?

The Record feature only uses phone storage when the internet connection is not very fast. The app temporarily stores video on the device until it can be uploaded to the cloud. So when you have a good internet connection, there is no (or little) video temporarily stored on the device. If, however, the connection is slow, video can temporarily be stored until it uploads to the cloud. As it uploads it is completely cleared from the phone.

We show a "Low storage" alert at 600MB (approx. 12 minutes of video) and a "No storage" alert at 200MB (approx. 4 minutes of video).

If your recordings will be at least 45 minutes, and your network may not have the fastest upload speeds, we recommend trying to free up at least 2GB of space on your phone to ensure your recordings are not interrupted.

Why Is My Video Sideways When I Look at the Recording in My Dashboard?

We recommend that you turn off Portrait Lock when using Socialive. A pop-up notification will appear if it is still on within your phone settings. If the video is sideways, that means that the recording was done captured in Portrait (vertical) instead of Landscape (horizontal). Socialive records in Landscape.

If you want to rotate the video's orientation of the recording, follow the steps in the How-To: Fix iPhone Videos That Started in Portrait Mode.

Why Is the Guest Mobile Feed Flipped When I Look at Their Individual Feeds Under a Completed Broadcast?

When the front camera is used, it is flipped in the individual’s recording but NOT in the live broadcast, and subsequent recording.

If you want to have that raw video asset from your guests for clips, etc., follow the steps in the How-To: Fix iPhone Videos That Started in Portrait Mode.

I Recorded a Video. Why Can't I Find It?

Depending on the length of the video, it can take about 1/3rd of the time to process fully. During this time, please keep the app open.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

I joined from the Socialive app but I keep dropping from the Green Room.

If you are having difficulty connecting or staying connected, it could be due to a few reasons:

  • Your network is unstable. Try switching from Wi-Fi to LTE or 5G, or vice versa. Test the connectivity before the live broadcast or recording starts, or while you are backstage in the ongoing broadcast.

  • Do Not Disturb is not enabled. If Do Not Disturb is not enabled or if you take a phone call or tap on an incoming notification during a broadcast, you will drop from the Green Room.

I'm joining from the Socialive mobile app and I'm unable to see or hear others in the Green Room or the Broadcast.

Make sure that before you join the broadcast, in Settings, you select to join the broadcast as a Guest and not as a Camera. For detailed instructions, refer to the article Joining a Broadcast as Guest from an iOS Device.

Force Quit or Restart

Most issues could be resolved by force quitting the app and re-opening it, or by restarting your device.

Still, looking for an answer?

Contact Socialive Support via live chat or email at support@socialive.us.

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