This article provides information to resolve some of the most common issues when streaming to LinkedIn using Socialive.


My LinkedIn Page Is Not Connecting

There are a couple of reasons why your LinkedIn Page may not be connecting to Socialive:

My Video Is Still Live After I Ended It

If LinkedIn does not "receive" or "reply" to the End Broadcast API call from Socialive, LinkedIn will end the broadcast after 90 seconds. If it is stuck "Live" for more than 90 seconds, please contact LinkedIn Support.

When Do LinkedIn Tokens Expire?

LinkedIn tokens expire after 60 days and you will need to reconnect your LinkedIn account when it happens. However, there may be other causes for a token to expire, such as multiple admins trying to authenticate the account, which flags it as spam or hacking within the LinkedIn API.

If you are experiencing any other issues with LinkedIn that are not described in this article, please contact LinkedIn Support.

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