Q: Why won’t my LinkedIn Page connect?

  • If you are streaming to a company page, it needs to be authenticated by the Admin who requested and was approved by LinkedIn for LinkedIn Live

  • If your Company Page or Personal Profile has not been approved for LinkedIn Live, it will not be able to establish a connection

  • The “token” may have expired. You will need to remove the LinkedIn page from your Distribution list from within the Socialive Studio and you will need to re-authenticate it.

Q: When do tokens expire?

  • They expire after 60 days

  • There may be other causes for a token to expire, like multiple Admins trying to authenticate, which flags it as “spam” or “hacking” within the LinkedIn API

Q: My video is still live after I ended it

  • If LinkedIn does not “receive” or “reply” to the End Broadcast Call from Socialive, they will end it for 90 seconds.

  • If you get a report from our customers that it is stuck on “Live” or if that lasts for more than 90 seconds, please share the Intercom link with the Product team so they can look into it with our partners at LinkedIn

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