View your videos

The latest version of the Socialive mobile app includes a new Videos tab for reviewing your most recent recordings. 

Note that Guest users can see only their own recordings, not the recordings of other users.

Monitor recordings

You will see upload progress and processing status in the Record tab so you can easily confirm that your recording has completed successfully. 

Recording statuses:

  1. Uploading
    Upload will pause when you leave the app, so make sure to keep Socialive open until your last recording has completely uploaded.

  2. Processing
    Processing occurs in the cloud, so you can close the Socialive app during the processing stage. Note that it can take up to 1/4 the duration of the recording to process the video. For example, a 1 hour recording may take 15 minutes to process.

  3. Completed
    Your video is ready to watch in the Videos tab

Rename recordings

You can tap the "ellipsis" icon in the Videos tab to rename your recordings. Note that recordings from a Socialive Studio broadcast cannot be renamed via the mobile app.

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