This serves as an example workflow of what actions to take throughout a panel discussion that will have a timeline with a start card/pre-roll video, a live camera feed, one guest (but can have multiple) and an end card.

STEP 1: Start New Broadcast

  • Title the broadcast session and select your path (Broadcast Live or Record a Video)

STEP 2: Set up your timeline

  • Upload your Media assets under the Media tab under SOURCES (start and end cards, pre-roll, video clips)

  • Upload any graphics you plan on using (logos, lower thirds, name cards, etc.) to GRAPHICS along the bottom pull up in the PREVIEW section

  • Invite your guests from the LIVE SOURCES area (enter in their email address)

  • Drag and drop your SOURCES in this order to the TIMELINE

  • Start Graphic

  • Live Camera

  • End Graphic

  • You can also select a Background from your MEDIA sources to add another layer of branding/uniqueness to your video

STEP 3: Join GUESTS in the Green Room

  • You will get a notification when your guests join the Green Room. Be sure to join them with the popup window (as seen below).

  • You will be able to see and hear them, 2-way conversation possible

  • Give them the run of show...Let them know to expect to be muted when the broadcast starts and they see the Start Graphic and everyone will hear each other once they are brought into the broadcast and are LIVE for the audience

STEP 4A: Start the Broadcast (If broadcasting live)

  • On the right hand side of the Studio, select your social channels by toggling them on (they will be listed underneath all the icons when turned on)

  • Add video descriptions for each page and make sure you like the title

  • Select "START BROADCAST" from the big red button on the bottom right corner of the Studio

  • This will establish a connection to the pages, give a countdown, then automatically start the Start Graphic

STEP 4B: Start the Recording (to create a private recording)

  • Select "START RECORDING" from the big red button on the bottom right corner of the Studio

  • This will establish a connection, give a countdown, then automatically start the Start Graphic

STEP 5: Create the layout

  • *While the starting graphic is showing* Single click to your camera in the TIMELINE (top area) so it is shown in the PREVIEW section

  • Use the pull up bar at the bottom of the PREVIEW window to LAYOUTS

  • Select the layout of your choice, you will be the first camera in the layout

  • Drag and drop your guests cameras from the LIVE SOURCES area on the left of the Studio into the empty grey boxes

  • Use the GRAPHICS area to find the overlays you wish to apply and click on the thumbnail to turn it on within the PREVIEW SECTION

  • Note: The thumbnail will be highlighted *yellow* to show it is applied

  • Note: If you want to control the position of the graphic and opacity, use the dropdown arrow on the upper right hand corner to adjust accordingly (padding will move pixel by pixel to another area)

  • When everyone is in place, use the chat feature to let them know that they are going to be live

  • Press SEND LIVE

  • Enjoy the conversation!!

STEP 6: Closing out your broadcast

  • When the conversation is winding down, queue up everything to end the broadcast

  • Single click to the ending graphic in the TIMELINE

  • Go to the LAYOUTS and scroll to the top to STANDARD

  • *Make sure the preview is showing the End Graphic is the only thing on the PREVIEW window*

  • Press SEND LIVE when the sign off statements have been made

  • Let the end graphic stay on screen for ~1 minute

  • Press END BROADCAST button on the bottom right hand corner

Viola! Great broadcast!

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