This serves as an example workflow of what actions to take throughout a broadcast that will have a timeline with a start card/pre-roll video, a live camera feed, a live demo via screen share and an end card. This also accounts for including a layout with the Host Live on Screen and also performing a live product demo using screen share (computer).

**Please use Performance Mode**


If broadcasting live - please TURN ON distribution, ADD video titles and descriptions for each channel, press START BROADCAST

If recording - press START RECORDING

Step One: Transitioning from Start Graphic to Pre-roll video

  • Your start graphic will be the first thing on screen once connected to the server. Using the timeline, *single click* to the next source you wish to be on screen. This will bring up that source in the PREVIEW section.

  • When ready to transition to the pre-roll video (after a few seconds) *press* SEND LIVE

Step Two: Get Camera Ready

  • The video will play and you will see it counting down to zero. When it hits zero it will automatically transition to the next item in the timeline (your camera)

  • Here is where you will be doing introductions and talking through the video topic. Encourage questions and engagement!

Step Three: Transitioning from STANDARD Layout to Host on screen with screen share

  • *Select* preferred LAYOUT (example TWO RIGHT)

  • *Drag and Drop* your Screen share from SOURCES (left-hand side) to the empty gray box

  • *Press* SEND LIVE

Step Four: Transitioning from TWO RIGHT LAYOUT to STANDARD Layout for Sign Off

Queue up the transition to post-demo sign off

  • *Select* STANDARD Layout (very first option in the layouts)


  • Do your sign off with any CTA, still encourage questions, let them know the video will remain on your page(s) for review and what the topic will be next week

Step Five: Ending your Video

  • *Single click* to the End Card in your TIMELINE

  • Let that play for ~30 seconds (at minimum to account for LinkedIn latency)


*Save Broadcast* so you can watch back your recordings in the Portal and re-enter for another take, if this was recorded and not live and another take is needed.

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